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Child Guidance Center

Welcome to MHC’s Child Guidance Center...


The Child Guidance Center, with over 60 years of service, is committed in providing high quality, community-based therapeutic, supportive, and preventive behavioral healthcare services for children, adolescents and families with mental health, developmental disability, and psychiatric needs.

Through an array of innovative programs we are empowering children and their parents to achieve their potential as loving, responsible families. The Center provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to children and families whose relationships and personal growth are impaired by emotional and / or behavioral problems.


Reaching Out

More children are struggling with mental health issues today than ever before. In fact, behavioral and emotional disorders affect about one in five American children, yet only about a fifth of these children actually receive the services they need.

The good news is treatment can help.

 Child Guidance Center is dedicated to providing child-centered, family-focused mental health services utilizing a combination of unique programs and proven strategies.

 The services we provide are available to all children/youth ages 5 to 17 throughout Hillsborough County.


Issues frequently addressed:

Anger Management
Family Conflict
Substance Abuse
Behavioral Problems
Adolescent Issues
Poor School Performance

Recovery from Abuse or Trauma

Who Does the Center Serve? 

The Center serves families with a wide range of challenges. Typically, children and adolescents are referred, or come to our Center because of difficulties that interfere with their functioning at home, in school or in the community. Problems may be related to control, attention, mood, anger management, etc. The Center also serves children and adolescents who have experienced various forms of abuse, neglect, bullying or other hardships that life may bring.

How Can the Child Guidance Center Help You? 

Our Children’s Crisis Center (or Emergency Walk in) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if your child is experiencing a mental health crisis. 

To enter one of our programs contact our Access Center to receive an initial assessment. 

Mission Statement

To provide individuals and families in our community with comprehensive behavioral health services so that they may experience optimal mental health such that they may lead contributory, purposeful lives.

The Child Guidance Center has a philosophy that emphasizes understanding the unique qualities and experiences of each child as influenced by emotional and cognitive development, family situation, social environment, and personality.

Programs & Services
Child Guidance Center currently provides the following specialized mental health services and programs:

Children’s Crisis Stabilization Center

Children’s Emergency Walk in

Community-Based Services
•Outpatient Services
•Psychiatric Medication Clinics

Helping kids find hope and healing